Three Large Backnets

Patrick Wagner pictured here with is parents, Mike and Joan Wagner of Signal Mountain

Patrick Wagner pictured here with is parents, Mike and Joan Wagner of Signal Mountain

Once again, a long-time Signal Mountain resident has stepped up and made a generous donation to the Signal Mountain Lacrosse program. This time 3 large 3’x10’ backnets for the high school program. Thank you, Patrick Wagner, the current head coach of the Baylor Varsity lacrosse program and director of No Excuse lacrosse.

“I wanted to make this donation because backnets, along with many other vital lax resources, are LONG-overdue at Chattanooga lacrosse programs, especially public school teams like Signal and Soddy.”

Wagner who now lives in Big Ridge grew up on Signal Mountain and was part of the very first team back in 2006. One of the original 14. He started playing in middle school. “We were lucky to even get on an old community baseball outfield for practice. When we actually had a “real” field to practice on, we had nothing to stop balls from flying off into the woods/briar patches.” Wagner sees the donation as a way to save valuable time allowing the players to instead work on their skills. “Resources like backnets are essential to program growth, and give players a greater sense of being ‘valued.’”

Lacrosse has been a big part of Wagner’s life. He was Signal Mountain’s first ever high school goalie, and while he calls himself a mediocre player, he went on to play a season in the NCAA Div III at Millsaps College. Later, he would find a new love in coaching.

“As a coach, I’ve been blessed with far more success, winning my first TSLA championship title in 2016 and second in 2017 as the head varsity coach of Evangelical Christian HS in Memphis, TN,” says Wagner. An accomplishment he managed while in law school. In fact, Wagner says to his knowledge, he may be the youngest head coach in Tennessee history to win a state title.

His advice to the Signal players this year:

“Do not get complacent and never settle for “good enough.” You have three top-notch No Excuse coaches guiding your way this season, and an incredibly talented player base. I think I can speak for all of my former Signal Mountain HS teammates and players when I say that we are living vicariously through you. We did not suffer through multiple 0-10+ seasons and beatdowns just for you to half-way commit to your season. Buy in fully, listen to your coaches, give it your absolute EVERYTHING, and bring home that D2 Public State Title for the first time in Signal Mountain lacrosse history. It is LONG overdue, and there is frankly No Excuse for anything less happening. Let’s go Eagles!”

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